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Posted by on oct 7, 2011 in Routeur/Wireless/Modem | 0 comments

NEW ! Surveillance simplifiée de vos équipements grâce à la fonction « Auto-Response »

NEW ! Surveillance simplifiée de vos équipements grâce à la fonction « Auto-Response »

Bonjour à vous!

Notre fabricant et partenaire OpenGear met aujourd’hui à votre disposition une nouvelle fonctionnalité pour un contrôle intelligent des Entrées/Sorties. Bénéficiez ou découvrez de la nouvelle fonction « Auto-Response » (réponse automatique) d’OpenGear qui permet une programmation simple de type « Conditions-Actions-Résultats ».  Cette programmation par menus déroulants et cases à cocher facilite la customisation/personnalisation du système pour la correction automatique des problèmes dans votre infrastructure réseau.

Fonctionnalité disponible pour les ACM5000, IM4200, SD4000 et CM4000.

Key Benefits :

  • Minimize remote traffic levels and costs by using event initiated or remotely initiated OoB connections
  • Reduce time to repair with event triggered log retrievals and simplified messaging
  • Minimize down time with on-site preventative maintenance and health monitoring
  • Improve infrastructure efficiency with Smart M2M auto response and elevation
  • Reduce the incidence and cost of false alarms
  • Ensure QoS by escalating alert notifications for protracted outages
  • Simplify remote control with SMS and web page initiated custom local actions


Opengear in a common remote site deployment

Opengear devices installed at remote sites provide remote access to management interfaces on common IT infrastructure devices including routers, switches, firewalls, PBX’s and servers. We also provide connectivity and management of power distribution (PDU’s) and UPS systems. Combined with our Environmental Monitoring abilities, we provide the most comprehensive suite of connectivity solutions for remote site management available. With the addition of the Auto Response feature we now automate problem resolution.


How Auto Response works

Auto Response monitors and collects data from the network, servers, managed devices and sensors located at remote sites. If an alert condition is raised, the Opengear device will automatically trigger actions and resolve incidents based on pre-approved operations.

By automating these resolutions the Opengear device reduces the time that most standard management tools take to find the problem, and often before users even knew there was an issue. What could amount to hours or days of downtime can be avoided by implementing Auto Response.


Simple to configure and use

  • Manage all of your Auto Responders using the web interface.
  • Setup and customization is easy using pre-defined condition checks and triggers.
  • Design your own automatic remediation based on your condition checks.
  • Select your trigger actions from the available list or create your own.
  • Check for resolution and send notifications of problem remediation.


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